Ramadan / Ramazan explained from an outsider.

Ramadan is a time of fasting for people who follow Islam.

Ramadan is not a set calendar date. It comes early every year by ten days. Making things harder for them this year it has fallen within one of the hottest times of the year.
This religious period of time tests the strength, determination and goodwill of Muslim men and women all over the land. People that follow the religion of Islam put themselves through ultimate endurance by not touching food, drink and having intimate contact during the hours of daylight.
These incredibly strong people do not give into the temptation of sexual pleasure for the body at all with this tough holy month and the rest is forbidden until the sun sets and night falls! Their minds are focused on pure thoughts, self-discipline and empathy for those in poverty who have no choice but to live like this,  every day of their lives

This is particularly hard during the summer months in Turkey as we all know is bloody hot!!! They cannot sip a tiny drop of water or eat a quick crisp out of an open packet. They have to fast All day. While many of the people in turkey will work along the coasts of the country in tourism its mega hard for them as they are entertaining guests and holiday makers and pouring them beverages, cooking them beautiful succulent stakes for dinner and watching them as they drink down the water and beer as them themselves have to go through it without a drop or a bite touching their lips. Sweat pours from their hardworking brows and there’s now relaxation or reward until nightfall.
(Personally I don’t agree with this in the summer months as it’s silly and dangerous for the bodies health!) my views don’t matter in this explanation though and I respect anyone who complete the fasting each day.

My husband does Ramadan/Ramazan a couple of days out of the month as we are in the U.K. it’s even longer days here in the summer and sometimes it can be gone 10:30pm before the sun starts to set its far to hard to do it here. All is not lost though and my husband doesn’t sit their worrying he’s going to be struck down like lightning on behalf of allah! No it’s not like that. People who follow Islam and want to fast but can’t because it’s too hard for them or is they are sick they don’t have to fast in the eyes of god due to medication ect. Also pregnant ladies are not expected to join in and children don’t fast until they are older and fully understand what it’s about and only if they chose to fast from their heart.
People who don’t have enough “will” power can offer money to charities instead as a penance for not completing the fast. However most will attempt to fast,  because they have done it every year since  the transformation from a boy to a man, or a girl to a woman. The ability to undergo this test of strength is firmly ingrained into their characters and lifestyle.

When I’m around Muslim people around this holy month it’s very easy for me to spot the people who are mid fast and the people who have given up. No it’s not because they are sitting there with a sarnie and a bottle of water. I can tell by talking to them. Just a few words out of their mouth can give a very big indications as along with fasting is NO teeth brushing so they have awful bad breath. Also fatigue kicks in very fast and long period of not talking. Bad moods and short tempers also come with the hunger pains and the need for something just to wet their whistle.

Not everyone will shout about fasting. A lot of men and women keep it close to their chests and do it privately between themselves and god. It’s not a battle of the sexes or a battle of the fittest, it’s simply a personal will of faith and self being.

When were were in Turkey this year the fasting times followed as…………
8:34pm darkness had fallen and as soon as the ezan played from the loud speakers of the mosque 🕌 it was time to eat.
This meal is called iftar.

Now they can eat and drink what ever they like (apart from booze and pork of course)
Everyone would have a big beautiful feast together and then head to bed.
2:30am we would be awoken by the sound of loud drums bean beat outside in the street (this was the Ramadan drummer -see my other blog on this)

The drums were a way of waking up everyone and telling them to get up and eat and brush their teeth because the sun would rise at 4:48am and then they would have to then fast again for the next 15 hours. Soon as the Ramadan month has been completed then comes the reward of BAYRAM CELEBRATIONS. (See my blog on Bayram)

Personally I don’t follow Islam but my husband goes and I respect him and help him in any way I can ☺️.

Published by Wife of a Turkish Life

Just a normal lass living in a beautiful city in the uk and soon to move over to Turkey. I have 3 beautiful children and a lovely Kurdish hubby from turkey. We currently live apart from our Turkish family in turkey and live in the Uk and soon to move back over to turkey for good. I love everything about my life! I absolutely adore cooking and baking, I cook a beautiful meal and dessert every night and light lunch during the day if we are hungry. I bake a lot too hence why I’m growing to the size of an elephant and find it hard to shed the lbs (ooops) I also love, shopping, socialising, date night together with the hubby when he’s home, I love make up and being and hairdresser and beautiful among others things I love everything about self presentation. At the moment I am a fully mummy to two little beauties and I love it. Please feel free to follow my blog and have a little onsite into our life. I’m just starting out so there’s much more to be added each day. Please be kind and if You don’t like my life then don’t feel the need to stick around and tell me in a nasty comment 😝.

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