Arnavut Cigeri (lambs liver)

This lambs liver dish is very popular in turkey and it’s absolutely beautiful! Gone are them days of grilling the liver into leather lumps or just eating them in a dish of boring old gravy and onions.

Try this dish and I swear you will never go back to tradition liver dishes!!

I like to serve mine up in all different ways, sometimes with red pepper bulgur wheat (recipe on blog)

Or even serve up with turkish rice (recipe on blog)

And even beautiful home made chips goes down a treat too!

If you’re wondering what the bowl of white stuff is, it’s simple Natural yogurt with a sprinkle of garlic salt and Sumak to give it a lovely kick of flavour. This compliments the liver beautifully!

remember lambs liver is dead cheap and also comes with a lot of fat on it, buy in big bulk as you will cut a LOT of fat off it and chuck it.

If you follow my blog you will see I don’t tend to follow other recipes word for word and I like to make the dish my own and jazz it up a little. This is my way of cooking this dish as my family don’t like to eat raw onions ect.

So let’s get cracking…..


  • Lambs liver (as much as you want)
  • 2-3 whites onions (chopped)
  • plain flour to coat the liver
  • Chopped fresh or dried parsley
  • Olive or veg oil for frying
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Salt & pepper
  • 2 tsp ground sumac to garnish
  • 1 clover finely chopped garlic


First I cut all the fat off my lamb and chuck it all in in a small deep baking tray, then sprinkle the plain flour all over the top of the liver giving it a generous dusting, with a folk toss the liver around and sprinkle on a little more flour until each piece of liver is coated. (Can be a pain as the liver starts to stick together) this is why I find it easier to do in a deep baking tin, rather then it all get stuck together in a bag or bowl. Cover and stand aside.

Now chop your onions and soften slowly in a hot frying over a Med heat, if you’re pushed for time or just life extra soft onions then you can always shove these in a microwaveable dish, add some butter or a little oil, cover and pop them in the micro for 5-8 mins until sort and butters.

In the HOT frying pan with your hot oil you can now chuck in your liver, remember you want to fry this quickly over a hot heat ensuring it’s cooks/browns fully on the outside and this will cook the inside while keeping the meat soft, tender and juicy. (Nothing worse then dry hard liver)

Once it’s browned and the flour has disappeared, add your cooked onions, garlic, parsley, a little sprinkle of sumac for flavour, salt & pepper and red pepper flakes.

Mix well and fry all together for a few mins so them flavours can all united together beautifully.

If you’re a little cautious and like your meat fully cooked then you can take a piece out, cut and check it’s fully cooked.

Liver is like steak though and nice when it’s a “little” pink inside.

You’re done! Serve up and garnish with more parsley and sumac if desired!

Add any side you fancy to the dish and enjoy!

Published by Wife of a Turkish Life

Just a normal lass living in a beautiful city in the uk and soon to move over to Turkey. I have 3 beautiful children and a lovely Kurdish hubby from turkey. We currently live apart from our Turkish family in turkey and live in the Uk and soon to move back over to turkey for good. I love everything about my life! I absolutely adore cooking and baking, I cook a beautiful meal and dessert every night and light lunch during the day if we are hungry. I bake a lot too hence why I’m growing to the size of an elephant and find it hard to shed the lbs (ooops) I also love, shopping, socialising, date night together with the hubby when he’s home, I love make up and being and hairdresser and beautiful among others things I love everything about self presentation. At the moment I am a fully mummy to two little beauties and I love it. Please feel free to follow my blog and have a little onsite into our life. I’m just starting out so there’s much more to be added each day. Please be kind and if You don’t like my life then don’t feel the need to stick around and tell me in a nasty comment 😝.

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