İçli köfte (meatballs in a bulgur Shell)

I absolutely adore this dish, I first tried these in the village when we stayed with my in-laws. I sat down on the kitchen floor with them they showed me how to make them and they let me get my hands in and give it a go. It was one of the best times I’ve had in the village as me and my yenges (sister in laws) sat down and have a good laugh while making dinner. We bonded so well that day.
These are a beautiful mince and walnut centre with a crispy yet succulent bulgur shell. Goes beautiful with a nice salad and some freshly cooked turkish rice.
  • For the dough
  • 450gr. Fine Bulgur
  • 167gr (1 cup) semolina
  • 2 cup (18 oz) Warm water (to soak bulgur and semolina)
  • 250 gr. extra lean ground beef
  • 2 tbs. Red Pepper paste
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • salt to taste
  • Extra water to wet your hands
  • Filling
  • 250gr medium fat ground beef
  • 100 gr chopped walnuts
  • 1/2 bunch chopped parsley
  • 2 finely chopped onions
  • 2 tsp black pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 stick butter (not oil)
  • Method

    First make the filling, as it needs to be left to cool, heat the butter in a pan, sauté chopped onions, add the minced beef, salt and pepper, mix together for about 10 minutes, until it’s juice is all gone. Add parsley. Turn off the heat.

    Let it cool,

    Add chopped walnuts, keep aside. Then cover and keep in the fridge until you are finished with the bulgur dough.

    Add semolina into the fine bulgur, as this will bind the dough together. (I also added 1 cup of flour.)

    Stir in the red pepper paste, cumin, salt and red pepper flakes and using your hands, mix them all well. Next slowly pour the 2 cups warm water all over it. Again using your hands, give the bulgur mixture a good mix and make sure all bulgur is wet.

    Leave aside and Let it rest and absorb the water for about 10 minutes.

    Next add the ground meat, knead for about 10 minutes. Until the dough is binding together nicely.

    Fill up a dish with Walter to keep by your side, Wet your hands with it and take a small tangerine size of the bulgur dough into your palm,Roll it into an oval-lemon shape and using your thumb, or index finger first hollow out an opening in the middle

    Shape the ball about ¼ “ thick and oval with an opening at one end by molding ball around finger, gradually tapering closed end.

    Fill the dough ball with ground beef mixture (about a tsp full)

    Moisten edges of opening, (wet fingers if it’s too dry to mould, then pinch the edges of the ball to seal.

    Mend any cracks in the shell with a moistened finger (it’s like playing around with it and stroking until the hole is covered and sturdy)

    Put your Perfect lemon shaped köfte onto a tray where you can add the rest as they are made.

    Next Boil salty water, then slowly place bulgur balls in, When they are flooding in the surface, they are ready to be taken out. (Around 15 mins)

    You can also fry these in a little oil or in butter with some chilli flakes or other spice in a frying pan for a few mins too, to crisp them up and give extra flavour if you fancy!

    I’m going to make these again next week so il take some step by step photos to upload here and make it a little easier for you to follow.

    Published by Wife of a Turkish Life

    Just a normal lass living in a beautiful city in the uk and soon to move over to Turkey. I have 3 beautiful children and a lovely Kurdish hubby from turkey. We currently live apart from our Turkish family in turkey and live in the Uk and soon to move back over to turkey for good. I love everything about my life! I absolutely adore cooking and baking, I cook a beautiful meal and dessert every night and light lunch during the day if we are hungry. I bake a lot too hence why I’m growing to the size of an elephant and find it hard to shed the lbs (ooops) I also love, shopping, socialising, date night together with the hubby when he’s home, I love make up and being and hairdresser and beautiful among others things I love everything about self presentation. At the moment I am a fully mummy to two little beauties and I love it. Please feel free to follow my blog and have a little onsite into our life. I’m just starting out so there’s much more to be added each day. Please be kind and if You don’t like my life then don’t feel the need to stick around and tell me in a nasty comment 😝.

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