Well after 9 months of morning sickness (happened anytime of the day) I was literally sick, every single day multiple times 😢😢.

The last 4 weeks of pregnancy I was in slow labour and having full on painful contractions but very irregular and not quite long enough in time. The consultants working with me, decided to give me a stretch and sweep at 37 weeks to try and help the labour along and stop me from going through the sheer hell that is contractions.

After the first sweep the midwife told me i was already 1cm dilated but the cervix was strong and thick.

Nothing really happened that day except I was having shooting pains and was very uncomfortable with pressure from the baby pressing down.

The next morning as I struggled like an overturned turtle trying to get out of bed, I felt the most awful cramp on my left side of my abdomen. It was honestly like a strong cramp where my ovaries are. It was actually stopping me from moving a single muscle due to the pain. Even a deep breath would be agonising. I decided to sit on the birthing ball for a few mins until the cramp subsided. I had no choice but to get up after 15 mins of sitting there and the cramp getting stronger. I had to get my other two kids ready for school and do the school run.

I remembered The midwife told me to keep upright and active and to get moving and walking to help the sweep work. I kept this in mind and powered on (in a lot and of pain) I was stood in the playground at school and actually wanted to cry, the pain was so strong and started to drag across my side. (It felt nothing like a contraction but a “still” cramp that dragged across the side). I struggled but managed to take fairy steps and get back to my car and it took me a good few mins just to get into the car. It even killed me to drive.

I finally got home and the pains shifted into a contraction. These would come and go and got stronger and longer in time. Me and my mam sat at the kitchen table and timed them. They were 6 mins apart. I decided to call triage and they told me to go in and bring my hospital bag. I called my hubby and he came within minutes and took me to the hospital. We were so excited as we thought “this was it”!

We got to the triage ward and by this time the contractions were getting stronger. They put me on the baby monitor to check the babies heart beat and the timing of my pains.

These pains were so bad I couldn’t breath. They were real contractions! The midwife did an internal and it turned out I was 3cm dilated but the cervix was still thick and strong. I only needed to go 1 more cm to be taken on to the labour ward so they decided to admit me into the hospital and wait for me to get to 4cm. They put me in a hot bath in hope of calming the pain of the contractions but also to help the cervix dilate by bringing on more of them.

I was in the bath about half an hour and still the contractions were sticking to 6 mins apart. The midwife called the labour ward and they told us as soon as I get to 4cm and 5 min apart contractions they will take me in and get the epidural in. Of course now my contractions decided to spread to 8 mins apart and became lighter and less painful. The midwife suggested to get out of the bath and go for a long walk around the hospital grounds. We walked for around an hour up and down the long drawn out corridors of York teaching hospital. I had to keep stopping every now and then to get through a contraction without screaming my head off and drawing attention to myself by the many random other people walking around the hospital. We got back to the triage ward and the pains got stronger but were sticking at 8 mins apart. As sorry as the midwife was, she couldn’t do anything for me. A registrar came and did a ultrasound scan on my stomach to check the baby was ok and not stressed as the machine wasn’t picking up a good reading. Turned out that the baby was happy and healthy but my placenta was at the front of my stomach which was blocking the readings to the babies heart. This wasn’t a problem though as the placenta moves all around throughout the pregnancy.

That was is!! We were told to go home and relax, have a hot curry, bounce on the birthing ball, have lots of sexy time and to wait out the contraction’s until they were at least 4 mins apart and a min long.

Well that’s easy for them to say as they arnt the ones who’s climbing up the wall in pain! 😢🤬

As the night went on, the pains went away and then came back again and went again. They were so irregular and became really light and none painful.

I was feeling so upset and deflated as I really thought we were about to meet our princess. Also I was so so fed up of all these pains and my body was physically knackered, no actually exhausted.

I decided to have a bath with a load of clary sage essential oil in it. (This Herb is supposed to help thin the cervix and should only be used at full term to help induce – seek medical advice)

I also rubbed a little on my bump and massaged it in once I was all dry and ready for bed. This relaxed me a little bit, but it didn’t bring on any contractions.

I went to bed and was sad to wake up in the morning and realise I hadn’t gone into sudden active labour during the night.

This palaver went on for weeks.

this morning, I needed to get up for the 6th …… YES 6th stretch and sweeps (1 every 2 days) with the midwife.

They all told me the same thing, that I was still 3cm dilated and that the cervix was still thick and strong! This was so annoying as I just wanted to hear that I was about to go into active labour and have my baby and get out of this sodding constant pain!!

We all know that half of these inducing methods are fun and games and just myths but we really want to believe in them aswell and hope that they may just do the job!

Well this all went on for ages until I finally got to 39+5 weeks pregnant. I was back at an appointment to see my consultant and finally arrange and appointment to be induced via a drip.

This was were I received my 6th sweep on the Wednesday 39+4 and I was booked to be induced on the following Monday which was my due date – 4th Feb 19.

The midwife was mint. She was really easy going and she understood how Fed up and in pain I was. She offered to sweep me and promised she would do an amazing job to make sure I WOULD BE BACK LATER BUT ON THE LABOUR WARD 😉. I agreed and we had such a laugh and a joke while she was doing the sweep. It was all fun and games until it bloody hurt! It was the first one out of 6 that actually felt full on pain! In fact just to give you a little too much info – it felt like her fingers were gonna tickle my tonsils as they were that far in. She swept and swept and swept and I honestly thought she were going to pull the baby out by hand. She knew what she was doing and she winked as I asked if it felt clear of membrane. She said yes and said “I’m working the next few days so il be seeing you later 😉😉😉.”

I stood up and immediately felt odd. I felt so weird and my stomach was experiencing pains and feelings of never felt before. My mam was at the appointment with time and we decided to go to the hospital cafe for some dinner just to stay close as I felt so strange. We had a bit of dinner and I felt ok so we decided to head back home. As my mam was driving us home I said oooo I do really feel strange. I said I honestly think today is the day!!!

We went home and I got on my birthing ball and started bouncing (this help push the baby down To help thin the cervix)

I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a few Biscuits but then I felt like I needed to lay down. My mam went to pick the kids up for me from school and I headed to lay on my bed.

She came home with the kids, got them their tea, bathed and settled them. I stayed in bed as I felt so strange and had too much pressure on my pelvis.

BAM……the contractions started in the form of period pains. Immediately I knew this was the start of labour as I remembered from the other 2. I started to time them and they got stronger and stronger. They got to 4 mins apart but they weren’t lasting a min long so I didn’t panic too much, also they weren’t as strong as before. I waited it out and around 4 o clock I felt my waters had gone a little.

I immediately called my hubby as the pains started to get stronger and stronger. He came within minutes. He came straight upstairs to me and stayed with me for the next few hours while my mam took care of the kids. Around 7pm I felt the contractions had spaced out again to 8 mins apart and again they were lighter. I decided to get up and walk around and get back on my birthing ball. I cooked us all a chinese curry and Rice in between the contractions and I kept myself active. Finally ended the night in the birthing ball after a bath with clary sage. I climbed into bed and fell straight to sleep. I was absolutely knackered!

Exactly 12:59am I woke up with a massive contraction! These were “the ones” they were so bloody strong i couldn’t breath or move and my full body cramped with the pain. This was the real deal. I was so chuffed. Even with all the pain, I thanked god that it would soon be finally over and no more pain!!

I timed them and they were 6 mins apart! Within 4 Contractions they then went to 4 mins apart and I called the labour ward. They told us to come in again. As soon as I arrived I was put on the heart monitor again and checked internally. Woohooo I was finally 4cm dilated!!!!! 🥳🎉🎂 we’d waited 4 weeks to hear them words!!!!!

Guess what though………they then said “but the cervix is very thick and strong”

Oh no!!!

The midwife checked my notes and decided to just admit me and get the epidural in and if need be to induce me there that night.

Also in my notes it stated that I’d seen the anaesthetist specially because with my other 2 children we had trouble getting the epidural in as I have a curved spine and a bulging disc. In fact I didn’t even get the epidural they sent a student in and he couldn’t get a canular in let alone the bloody epidural. I ended up giving birth to him with no pain relief! (Absolute murders! Oh my god it nearly killed me)

So they got me over to the delivery suite and got me on the gas and air. I had the pains and contractions which were now 2 mins apart and we’re even stronger as baby kicked through them. ( Midwife’s couldn’t understand why I was having such quick and strong contractions as I was still not 4cm dilated) honestly I wasn’t faking it!! I was genuinely in so much pain!

They got the epidural in finally at 5am and decided to them induce me via the drip as my labour was just not progressing and they really needed to get that cervix thinned out!

They went in and broke my waters for me. They told me that they were absolutely bulging due to the baby pressing down and being so far down into my pelvis. She was trying so hard for the past few weeks to break my waters but the bag was so thick that she couldn’t do it alone and they had to be broken via the hook. I swear to god the noise as they popped was unbelievable! The sounds as the water gushed out and all over the bed, all over the floor and all over the midwife!

Along with the water was absolutely massive chunks of blood clots and blood. This was a little worrying for everyone as there shouldn’t have been that much blood but more watery liquid. This bleeding carried on for the next few hours and kept flowing out. I still didn’t dilate and they had to finally deadlock my body with the epidural so I couldn’t move or feel the bottom half of my body alone because of being numb. The contractions kept coming back so they just deadlocked me in the end so I didn’t feel anything, I was honestly feeling like I was the weight of a dead donkey!

I was checked internally and told I was just getting on for 5xm but had a long way to go yet. I told them I was pushing! My body automatically was pushing but they told me it doesn’t matter, you still have a long way to go and baby can’t go anywhere at only 5cm. I stressed that my body really was pushing but again they told me I wasn’t.

I was sliding off the bottom of the bed so I asked help to get my sat up. I had both midwifes and my husband helping me pull myself up the bed. As I pulled myself up with their help i felt the wire they put up and on babies head, it felt like it was cutting into me. I immediately said oh my god I think I’ve sat on that wire and pulled it because I can feel it cutting into my skin? !……………………….. wait for it……………….

The midwife moved the bed sheets and shouted “oh my gosh the babies head is out” I laughed and shouted “well I did try telling you I was pushing 😂”

My hubby laughed his head off and said oh god, you shuffled up the bed and left the baby at the bottom 😂😂

The midwife pushed the buzzer to get the other assisting midwife back that within the next push my princess literally slid out. It was so so easy. Then the placenta came out and it turned out that it was inside out! This was the reason for all the blood clots, all the pain and constant irregular pains and for the pain of the contractions being worse when the baby moved or put pressure on it. (It had a lot to answer for!)

Our littlest cub was born at 9:21am

Friday 31st January 2019

Weighing 7lb5oz

She’s absolutely Perfect

Too much info but it’s the truth and to be honest when I was pregnant with my first baby, I would have been glad to read something to raw and truthful to get mentally prepared.

Published by Wife of a Turkish Life

Just a normal lass living in a beautiful city in the uk and soon to move over to Turkey. I have 3 beautiful children and a lovely Kurdish hubby from turkey. We currently live apart from our Turkish family in turkey and live in the Uk and soon to move back over to turkey for good. I love everything about my life! I absolutely adore cooking and baking, I cook a beautiful meal and dessert every night and light lunch during the day if we are hungry. I bake a lot too hence why I’m growing to the size of an elephant and find it hard to shed the lbs (ooops) I also love, shopping, socialising, date night together with the hubby when he’s home, I love make up and being and hairdresser and beautiful among others things I love everything about self presentation. At the moment I am a fully mummy to two little beauties and I love it. Please feel free to follow my blog and have a little onsite into our life. I’m just starting out so there’s much more to be added each day. Please be kind and if You don’t like my life then don’t feel the need to stick around and tell me in a nasty comment 😝.

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  1. Aww what an ordeal for you, but what a gorgeous baby at the end of it all. How are you finding the fourth trimester? X


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