Ramadan Pidesi ( Turkish flat bread) No knead!!

Delicious simple soft bread traditionally baked during the month of Ramadan In Turkey. It has soft crust and chewy interior goes well with bowl of soup or meat.  My mother in law makes a fantastic version of this! INGREDIENTS 250 g of strong flour 7 g sachet fast-action dried yeast 200 ml of luke warm […]

Karniyarik (stuffed eggplant 🍆) Özlem’s turkish table recipe.

I actually used Özlem’s method for this dish as I’ve tried many other and they never come out as nice as Özlem’s. Check out her wonderful website and book. “Özlem’s turkısh table. (You won’t be disappointed if you love turkish food as much as me) Ingredients Serves 6 Preparation time – 45 minutes Cooking time […]

Turkish Chicken sauté & traditional Turkish rice.

Ingredients Left over cooked chicken pull from the carcass or raw chicken breasts (cubes.) 2x Tins chopped toms Sliced bell pepper Garlic (amount required to taste) 2tsp cumin 1tsp salt A few twists of black pepper 1tsp paprika 2 medium onions A good squirt of tom purée/paste Method If using left over cooked chicken, Pull […]